Burnley Reserves v Liverpool Reserves 4-3 (League match: April 7, 1900)

April 7, 1900
Reserves, Lancashire Combination, at Turf Moor.
Burnley Reserves – Liverpool Reserves 4-3 (3-2).
Attendance: 500.
Burnley Reserves (2-3-5): Walter Place snr; Harry Ross, Thomas Howarth; Bill Jenkinson, Billy Bannister, James Savage; P. Howarth, Jimmy Davidson, Campbell, James Sutherland, Wilkinson.
Liverpool Reserves (2-3-5): Harry Storer; General Stevenson, Robert McLaren; John Birchall, John T. Hunter, George Martin; Tom Soulsby, John Parkinson, Peter Kyle, Hugh Morgan, Abe Foxall.
The goals: 0-1 Kyle (25 min.), 1-1 Sutherland (30 min.), 2-1 Davidson (33 min.), 3-1 Bannister (pen.), 3-2 Parkinson (44 min.), 3-3 Kyle, 4-3 Savage.
** Note some sources give the first goal to Parkinson.

Burnley Reserves received a visit from Liverpool Reserves on Saturday. There was a fair attendance. James Arnott having sustained an accident Place was called upon at the last minute to keep goal and Burnley are distinctly fortunate that he was so handy and willing to come to the rescue. He behaved himself very well indeed, and he had quite as much work as fell to Storer.

James Arnott, Burnley (Dundee Courier: October 11, 1897):

Liverpool won the toss and decided on playing downhill with the sun at their backs, while Burnley had the wind. The home side were first to attack but Liverpool responded and there was little to choose between the teams for a few minutes. Then Burnley attacked in spirited fashion, Storer being called upon. Liverpool returning wrested a corner and Place saved. Both goals were assailed, Burnley having the best of matters for a time, but at length Liverpool attacked in determined fashion and again Place distinguished himself. Burnley were very dangerous in their next attack. At the end of rather more than 20 minutes play Kyle scored for the visitors.

Burnley waged two strong assaults and Storer saved well from Davidson. The Turfites continuted to assail most or a time, but found the Liverpool defence sound, Storer getting the ball away in fine style. For some time Liverpool were confined to their own quarters. A little over half an hour from the start, after continual pressure, Campbell shot, and Storer having saved Sutherland finished the equalising point. Soon after Burnley wrested a corner and renewing the pressure, Davidson placed his side ahead with a fine shot. Burnley pressed hard and were awarded a penalty, which was entrusted to Bannister, who scored. Liverpool then had a turn and shortly before the interval got their second goal, which had a strong suspicion of offside about it. Thus when the teams crossed over Burnley led by three goals to two.

On the resumption, the visitors with the wind, were soon on the aggressive and Place saved well from a corner. Liverpool were not allowed to have matters all their own way, however, as Burnley took up the attack, and Howarth netted the ball, but as there had been an infringement the point did not count. There was little between the sides, Liverpool having what advantage there was. The home side put ins ome good work without effect. From a free kick Burnley waged a strong attack. Liverpool gettng away Kyle equalised with a splendid long shot.

Burnley replied with strong pressure from a corner, after which the home goal was placed in jeopardy on two or three occasions. At the same time Burnley made incursions to the other end, and on one occasion Storer saved well after work on the right, Davidson centring in good style. Then Place saved while literally held by opponents, the exploit being loudly applauded. Burnley put on pressure and one of the visitors handled inside the penalty line, but the incident was allowed to pass. Place disinguished himself twice in hot pressure. Burnley got down in vigorous style but unfortunately one of the forwards got offside. Play was spirited and Burnley held their own. In a determined attack Savage gave his side the lead. Each goal was placed in danger, and a hard fought game – one of the best of the season – ended in the victory of Burnley by four goals to three.
(Burnley Express, 11-04-1900)


Walter Place, sen., Royal Rovers (1881), Burnley Wanderers (1883), Burnley (1890), Bacup (1893), Burnley (1894) – Lancashire Evening Post, January 21 – 1899.
Walter Place, sen., Royal Rovers (1881), Burnley Wanderers (1883), Burnley (1890), Bacup (1893), Burnley (1894) – Lancashire Evening Post, January 21 – 1899.


Lancashire Combination April 1900

Harry Storer, Liverpool (Lloyd’s Weekly News: December 1, 1895):


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