Liverpool v Bury 2-0 (League match)

Monday, April 9 – 1900
Match, Football League, First Division, at Anfield, kick off: 17:30.
Liverpool – Bury 2-0 (1-0).
Attendance: 7,000.
Liverpool (2-3-5): Bill Perkins; Archie Goldie, Billy Dunlop; Charlie Wilson, Alex Raisbeck (C), William Goldie; Tom Robertson, John Walker, Sam Raybould, Charles Satterthwaite, John Cox.
Bury (2-3-5): Archie Montgomery; Jack Darroch, Tommy Davidson; Alfred Nicol, Jack Pray, George Ross; Billy Richards, William Brimblecombe, Jasper McLuckie, Willie Wood, John Berry.
The goals: 1-0 Raybould (35 min.), 2-0 Raybould (75 min.).

This twice-postponed League match was decided on the Anfield ground yesterday evening before 7,000 spectators. February the 17th was the date originally fixed, but Liverpool had to decide their tie with West Bromwich Albion on that day. Bury in the meantime havings afely passed the second round of the competition. A conditional arrangement was made to decide the game a fortnight ago, but Bury, who the previous Saturday had drawn Nottingham Forest in the semi-final at Stoke, had to again cry off. The East Lancashire club still further advanced in the national tournament, and, in chameleon like fashion, had changed their title to Cup finalists. As such they opposed Liverpool, who on Saturday showed such mediocre form against Burnley. The match was of the utmost importance to the Anfield team, for defeat meant possible relegation to the Second Division. On this account, and, also by reason of the calibre of the visiting side, considerable interest was manifested in the encounter.

1st Half:
** Liverpool were fortunate in the spin of the coin, for, in addition to the assistance of a fairly strong breeze, they had the sun at their backs.
** The home right put in good work, and in the first minute Raybould had an opening, but placed narrowly outside the post.
** For some time the Liverpudlians were aggressive, but the close attentions of the visiting halves kept them from getting in a finishing shot.
** At length the Bury forwards got well down, only to meet with effective resistance from Dunlop, and on a further return matters looked ominous until Raisbeck cleverly took the ball from the toe of McLockie when about to test Perkins from an easy range.
** Once again the play hovered round the Bury goal, when the Liverpool forwards demonstrated to a nicety the method of how not to score.
** On one occasion Raybould threaded his way through, and finished up with a very high shot.
** The work of the Bury defenders was very fine, Nicol and Darroch being especially prominent in coping with the attack of Cox and Satterthwaite.
** McLockie and Wood, well backed up by Pray, made several attempts to get through, but there was no quarter allowed by Raisbeck, who up to now had been playing a most effective game.
** Quite a prolonged presure followed on the Bury goal, and it was simply marvellous how the “Reds” failed to score.
** There was a superfluity of finesse, during which a Bury player was enabled either to take the ball from the toe of an opponent or to charge down a shot that would have borne a tangible result but for hesitancy.
** GOAL: One clever shot from Satterthwaite – a terrific one – was luckily charged down in the goalmouth by Darroch, and it would seem that their efforts were not to be rewarded until one of a series of corner kicks was splendidly placed by Robertson, and Raybould headed a clever goal. Play had been in progress just over half an hour when Liverpool registered their goal, and during this period the Bury forwards were only three or four times in their opponents’ half.
** The Bury left then made an incursion, but could not get within range of Perkins, and following a brilliant run down by Cox the ball passed to Satterthwaite, who from close range drove in at a terrible rate, only to find Montgomery in a line of direction.
** A fruitless attempt by Bury to get down was followed by another strenuous effort on the part of the Liverpudlians, and though some excellent work was put in by the left wing scoring was not forthcoming, and half-time arrived.

2nd Half:
** Immediately after resuming Raybould ran through the backs, but unfortunately, kicked too far ahead, enabling Montgomery to clear by running out.
** A subsequent corner was disposed of by a high kick over the bar.
** Clever passing by the Liverpool forwards ended up with a brilliant shot from Robertson, which Montgomery saved in splendid fashion.
** At the other end Perkins disposed of the first shot levelled at his charge, and in close following Satterthwaite, like Raybould earlier on, ran clean through, only to be finally bustled off the ball when attempting to shoot.
** Bury then forced their first corner, which was put behind.
** Again Liverpool took up the running, but could do nothing right at the finish, and a corner – the result of some capital concerted action between McLockie and the left wing – threatened Perkins’ position. Dunlop came to the rescue, and a sprint to the other end resulted in Raybould and Walker being in each others way when close to the post, and Davidson rid himself of the difficulty by conceding a corner. Walker, with a clever header, skimmed the bar.
** GOAL: A quarter of an hour from time Robertson put in a magnificent shot after tricking a couple of opposing backs and Montgomery, in preventing it from passing swiftly under the bar, put the ball to Raybould, who lay close up, and drove hard into the net.
** During the last ten minutes the Bury forwards were seen to much better advantage, but a couple of minutes from the close Darroch, when only a couple of yards from goal, put the ball to Raybould, who, to the utter astonishment of the spectators, shot wildly across the goalmouth. Play ceased directly afterwards.
(Liverpool Mercury, 10-04-1900)

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