Liverpool Reserves v Everton Reserves 2-0 (League match: April 13, 1900)

April 13, 1900
Reserves, Lancashire Combination, at Anfield.
Liverpool Reserves – Everton Reserves 2-0 (2-0).
Attendance: 12,000.
Liverpool Reserves (2-3-5): Harry Storer; General Stevenson, Robert McLaren; John Birchall, John T. Hunter, George Martin; Tom Soulsby, John Parkinson, Peter Kyle, Hugh Morgan, Abe Foxall.
Everton Reserves (2-3-5): George Kitchen; Jack Crelly, George Molyneux; Dan Gordon, Green, Joe Blythe; William Roche, Billy Dawson, Wilfred Oldham, Robert Gray, Ellis Gee.
The goals: 1-0 Kyle, 2-0 Morgan.

Most interest was centred in the meeting of these teams yesterday afternoon at Anfield, in consequence of the close association of the clubs at the head of the competitive table. Everton with four points ahead of their opponents though two games in hand, were looked upon as strong favourites, and to achieve their object put a strong team in the field. There were about 12,000 spectators on the ground.

Everton facing the sun, commenced operations, but the first dangerous movements came from the Liverpool forwards, who were somewhat unfortunate in not scoring from a a smart pressure in front of their opponents goal. The strong breeze favoured Liverpool, and for some time play was contested in the Everton half, where the defence of Molyneux and Crelly was put to the test. A splendid run down by Gee relieved the monotony, and on Liverpool racing away again the ball sent across to Foxall, who cleverly prevented the high wind from carrying it out of play and centring accurately Kyle met the ball, and gave Kitchen no chance of saving. With but a few exceptions play was strictly confined to the Everton quarters, and a couple of clever shots were sent in by Morgan, and Martin that from the latter bounding over the net from the top of the crossbar. A mistake by McLaren looked like resulting in an equalising point, but a fruitless corner kick, was the outcome, though for a few minutes the Liverpool goal looked like being captured. Gee forced a corner off Stevenson but placed it badly, and at the other end Kyle was only a trifle wide with a clever shot. Even play followed, and eventually the Liverpoolians again got away and from a corner kick Morgan put in a second goal with a fast low shot. Half time arrived with the score- Liverpool 2 goals Everton none, With the wind in their favour Everton put on pressure after the interval and a clinking shot, from Oldham caused Storer to handle. The Liverpool right then got down. Martin sent in a brilliant low shot from long range, which narrowly missed the mark. Attacking again a penalty kick was given against Everton, and Foxall failed to find the net. Liverpool just not were having quite as much of the play as their opponents despite the heavy wind against them. From a cross shot by Roche, gee only just missed converting, and following a few minutes pressure the ball was quickly at the Everton end. Twice Kitchen had to fist out from the right wing, and when Gee looked like putting on a point, he was pulled up for offside. Stevenson and McLaren defended well, and repeatedly saved rushes on Storer’s charge. Result Liverpool 2 goals Everton nil.
(Liverpool Mercury, 14-04-1900)

Harry Storer, Liverpool (Lloyd’s Weekly News: December 1, 1895):


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