Victoria United – The Captain – James Dundas

Good Friday, April 13 – 1900
Than, James Dundas, the Captain of the Vics, there is no more popular or highly respected football player in the North of Scotland, and certainly no one who enters more enthusiastically into the duties of skipper of his team, or who acts as coach to the younger menbers with greater acceptance.

Dundas is no novice at the game, having first played as long ago as 1883 with the Perseverance a Forfar junior team. In those days the Forfar hopefuls were reckoned no mean opponents to any of the local Clubs, although the players who figures in their ranks have no tangible mementos of their connection with junior football – such present-day incentive as junior cups and winners’ badges being unknown in “the good old times” when the mere honour of victory was considered sufficient glory in itself.

“Jimmy” was first Cup tied as a senior for Forfar Athletic in 1886, after having played one season in the Athletic’s 2d XI. He was altogether seven years with the Forfar Club, and was during that period one of their biggest favourites, and an outstanding player even amongst such local “stars” as J. Bowman, John Cable, D. Christie, James Lyon, P. Lindsay, and A Lamond – all of whom were at one time or other Clubmates of Dundas in the Station Park team.

In 1891 he removed to Dundee, and played two seasons for Our Boys, and on the inception of Dundee F.C. was included in their first team, where he remained for four seasons. He has during his career had numerous offers to cross the Border, but has always refused. This is his third season for the Victoria United. Numerous honours have come his way during the many years he has been before the public, chief amongst them being – Forfarshire County Cup winners’ badge, 1893-94; Forfarshire Cup runners-up badge, ’95-96; Aberdeenshire County Cup winners, 1899-1900; Aberdeenshire runners-up, ’98-99; Dundee Charity Cup, three times. In Inter-county matches he was several times honoured by Forfarshire in being played v. Ayrshire, Lanarkshire, and Stirlingshire, and was on three occasions “capped” for Forfarshire v. Perthshire in the “Evening Telegraph” Cup competition, viz., for Forfar at half-back in 1890-91 and for Our Boys in 1891-92 and ’92-93. He has also been honoured in a similar capacity for Aberdeenshire this season v. North of Scotland. Perhaps, however, the honour mostly prized by Dundas was his selection for Scotland v. Ireland in League International at Celtic Park, Glasgow, in 1896. Our sketch is from a photo taken on that occasion.

Dundas is 5 feet 7 inches, and scales 11 stones. He is 32 years of age, and although he may lack some of the speed of his former days is a useful member of his team, and his presence has the effect of imparting confidence to his men. He excels with headwork, splendid at placing, a good shot, and never shows the slightest signs of fatigue. He has good judgment, and has pulled his team out of tight corner frequently by his generalship, and is a player who never resorts to shady tactics. Dundas plays right half-back.
(Evening Telegraph, 13-04-1900)

James Dundas.
James Dundas II

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