Liverpool v Queen’s Park 4-2 (Friendly match)

Easter Monday, April 16 – 1900
Match: Friendly, at Anfield.
Liverpool – Queen’s Park 4-2 (2-1).
Attendance: 3,000.
Referee: Mr. C. Sutcliffe.
Liverpool (2-3-5): Bill Perkins; Arche Goldie, Billy Dunlop; Rab Howell, Charlie Wilson, William Goldie; Tom Robertson, John Walker, Alf Ferrier, Sam Raybould, Charles Satterthwaite.
Queen’s Park (2-3-5): David Gourlay; D. Stewart, Archie Swan; James Irons, Alex Christie, James Templeton; Willie Stewart, David Wilson, Robert McColl, Thomas Kennedy, Norman Hay.
The goals: 1-0 Raybould, 1-1 McColl, 2-1 Ferrier, 3-1 Ferrier, 3-2 Kennedy, 4-2 Walker.

This friendly fixture was played at Anfield before 3,000 spectators. Liverpool had the advantage of wind and sun in the first half, though the opening play favoured them but little. A smart pass from Satterthwaite to Raybould enabled the latter to shoot just outside the upright. From a capital centre by Robertson, Raybould hooked the ball into the net, scoring the first goal.

Howell almost equalised for the Scots with a wrongly directed effort, but at the other end Satterthwaite sent in a beautiful shot, which Gourlay managed to save. Another from Robertson went outside, and immediately following Goldie kicked back to Perkins, and McColl dashing up got the ball first, defeating Perkins with a low shot, which the custodian only managed to touch, but failed to check.

Smart passing by the Liverpool front put Ferrier in possession, and crossing to Satterthwaite the latter centred, Ferrier heading a very fine goal. Play continued of a fairly interesting character, Christie rendering excellent service at centre half, but the high wind spoiled many good attempts made by both sides. A heavy attack on the Queen’s goal followed, but Robertson finally sent outside, and McColl initiated a deashing dribble, which Goldie checked in time, and at half time Liverpool led by 2 goals to 1.

Resuming, the home side immediately attacked, and Raybould tested Gourlay with a low grounder, whilst after Perkins had fisted away from McColl, Robertson and Walker indulged in pretty passing, and the former forced a corner. The kick was well taken, and Ferrier headed another fine goal.

The Queen’s then god down, and W. Stewart centring, Kennedy drove the ball past perkins. Perkins saved a capital effort from Stewart, and did likewise with a header from McColl, the home goal having a very narrow escape after a bully near the posts. For some time the Scots attacked, and Perkins kicked away a hard low drive from McColl.

At length Robertson beat the defence, and gained an unsuccessful corner. Queen’s were soon busy again, and Perkins saved brilliantly, thrice in rapid succession, from McColl and W. Stewart. Liverpool retaliated, and Roberson dropped in a splendid centre, which Gourlay failed to get at, and the ball coming to Walker the latter drove it into the net with tremendous force. The remaning play was very interesting, the footwork being cleverly executed, but nothuing further was scored. Liverpool eventually winning as follows: – Liverpool, 4 goals, Queen’s Park, 2 goals.
(Liverpool Mercury, 16-04-1900)


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