Leyland v Liverpool Reserves 0-3 (League match: April 21, 1900)

April 21, 1900
Reserves, Lancashire Combination, at Festival Grounds.
Leyland – Liverpool Reserves 0-3 (0-1).
Leyland (2-3-5): Bennett, Brown, Clitheroe, Yates, Hutchinson, Hargreaves, Platt, Goulsby +3.
Liverpool Reserves (2-3-5): Harry Storer; General Stevenson, Robert McLaren; John Birchall, John “Sailor” Hunter, George Martn; Tom Soulsby, John Parkinson, Peter Kyle, Hugh Morgan, Abe Foxall.
The goals: 0-1 “Sailor” Hunter (2 min.), 0-2 Kyle (pen), 0-3 Kyle (pen.).

At Leyland. Hargreaves started for Leyland. The visitors, however, assumed the aggressive, and from a fould against Yates “Sailor” Hunter headed through from the free kick.

Four minutes from the start Bennett saved good shots from Kyle and Soulsby. A neat run by the home right threatened the visitors’ goal. Storer, however, saved nicely. Brown headed out for safety.

Pretty play by the home right gave Kyle an opening, but he put by. A corner fell to the visitors. Yates, however, relieved smartly. Hutchison and Platt were prominent on the home right, Stevenson kicking out for safety. Bennett saved a teaser from Morgan. Half-time Liverpool, 1 goal; Leyland, nil.

On resuming the visitors took up the running, Morgan skimming the bar with a beauty.Kyle headed through from a centre by Foxall, “offside” nullifying the effort. From a penalty against Yates Kyle added a second. Result – Liverpool 3 goals; Leyland, nil.
(Liverpool Mercury, 23-04-1900)

Harry Storer, Liverpool (Lloyd’s Weekly News: December 1, 1895):


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