Billy Dunlop has captained well

Saturday, April 28 – 1900
There is no need to go exhaustively into statistics of the team’s doings. Figures, it is said, can be made to prove anything; but I am hanged if they can be made to prove that Liverpool and Everton have covered themselves with glory.

So I drop’em.

Turning to the players, very few of them can be said to have maintained, much less enhanced, their reputation.

Each team furnished an international – Liverpool supplied Raisbeck to Scotland against England, and Settle of Everton, played for England against Ireland, and also in the Players’ Union match.

Dunlop has played a fine back game for Liverpool, and captained the team judiciously throughout a very trying season.

the Everton captain, Taylor, has shown his obligingness, and his versatility, by playing in all sorts of positions; and if his captaincy has not been a success, it is not his fault. He has been only nominally captain.

Two new players have come to the front in the Liverpool team, namely, Raybould and Satterthwaite, and it is worth nothing that, although late beginners in the League, they stand well among the list of “sharpshooters” for the season.
(Lancashire Evening Post, 28-04-1900)

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