League matches

Reading v Bedminster 0-0 (League match: April 28, 1900)

April 28, 1900
Match: Southern League, First Division, at Reading.
Reading – Bedminster 0-0 (0-0).
Attendance: 2,000.
Reading (2-3-5): James Hosie, William Henderson, Ernie Watts, Boyd, Johnny Holt, Nelson, Dick Evans, John Barlow, William Ross, Richard Davies, Charles Barnes.
Bedminster (2-3-5): George Toone, B. Davies, Bob Davies, Billy Draycott, William Davies, Peter Chambers, Micky Whelan, William Stolz, Tom Boucher, Albert Flewitt, Alf “Jasper” Geddes.

George Toone, Bedminster (Lloyd’s Weekly News: April 9, 1893):

Alf Geddes, Bedminster (Lloyd’s Weekly News: September 25, 1892):


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