Liverpool Reserves at the top of the League

Monday, April 30 – 1900
Liverpool Reserves v Glossop Reserves.
At Anfield. The Glossop team were first away, but were quickly repulsed, Tom Soulsby making way on Liverpool right and shooting over the bar. The same player a moment later shot into goal. Glossop conceding a corner, John Birchall just missing.

Play continued in the home team’s favour, the visiting custodian saving brilliantly from Hugh Morgan. The visitors’ custodian was in magnificent form, and saved shot after shot, and while on the ground saved two difficult shots from John Parkinson and Soulsby.

The game was all in favour of Liverpool till the interval, when nothing had been scored.

On changing over Liverpool were early aggressive, John “Sailor” Hunter defeating the Glossop custodian five minutes from the start. Morgan adding another shortly afterwards. Hunter then further augmented the Liverpool score from a corner.

During the second half Liverpool played only ten men, Abe Foxall having been injured just before the interval. Play continued in favour of Liverpool.
(Liverpool Mercury, 30-04-1900)

1900 Reserves end of season

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