The season finished in style

April 30, 1900
Glossop v Liverpool.
Played at Glossop, before about 2,000 spectators. The sides were as follow: –
Liverpool: Bill Perkins, goal, Archie Goldie and Billy Dunlop, backs; Charlie Wilson, Alex Raisbeck, and William Goldie, half-backs; Tom Robertson, John Walker, Sam Raybould, Charles Satterthwaite, and John Cox, forwards.

Glossop: Herbert Birchenough, goal; Herbert Burgess and Herbert Rothwell, backs; George Colville, John Lupton, and George Morris, half-backs; Arthur Goddard, William Scarratt, James Connachan, Joe Lumsden, Ted Killean.

Playing with the wind, the Liverpool forward were early aggressive, and quite a number of shots were sent in, only to be wide of the mark, and Walker had a clear opening, when he shot high, and it was some time before the prasure on the home defence was relieved.

Burgess put in some good work against Cox and Satterthwaite, and immediately in front Colville was also conspicuous in keeping the Liverpool left at bay. Downfall looked certain with Cox in possession in front of Birchenough, but the keeper brought off a masterly save, following which Lumsden and Killean made a movement to the other end, but could exact no quarter from the Liverpool defenders, and Cox only just missed the mark with a swift low shot.

A spirited attack followed, and W.Goldie, pouncing on the ball, drove it hard into the net, thus opening the scoring after 20 minutes’ play. On getting to work again, a movement was made towards the Glossop goal, and from long range, Walker, with a very clever shot, added a second goal.

There was no change in the proceedings, for the Anfielders simply stormed the Glossop quarters, and it was a tribute to the sterling defence of Burgess, Rothwell, and Birchenough that the score was not materially increased ere the interval arrived.

On play being resumed, the home side were more successful, and early on Perkins was called upon to make his first save. Goddard put in several fine runs and centres, from one of which Killean forced a fruitless corner. Satterthwaite and Cox were always a dangerous pair to contend with, and Raisbeck found the van generally plenty of employment.

A free kick against Rothwell for fouling Satterthwaite looked oniuous, as it occurred close in, but nothing came of it, and the Glossop forwards then gave considerable trouble to the visiting defenders. Several corners were forced without tangible result, but in the last minute of the game Colville scored.
(Liverpool Mercury: April 30, 1900)


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