Football League meeting (May 4, 1900)

May 4, 1900
A meeting of the Management Committee of the League was held in London yesterday. There were present Messrs. John James Bentley (president), T.H. Sidney (vice president), C.E. Sutcliffe, H.S. Radford, W.H. Bellamy, W. McGregor, and Harry Lockett (secretary).

The chief business was the consideration and alterations to rules, the principal proposals being to give the committees discretionary power in ordering an unfinished match to be replayed the whole 90 minutes, and to alter the rule relating to the retaining of players who have never played for the club for which they signed.

The transfers of Niblo, Wardrope, and Stott, of Newcastle United, who were transferred to Middlesbrough a short time ago, were not passed, and Newcastle United are to be asked to attend the next meeting.

Bury are requested to explain why they did not play a full team in one or more of their League engagements. A commission will sit this afternoon at 61, Chancery-lane, over the report of Mr. King, the referee in Woolwich Arsenal match, which he stopped.
(Lancashire Evening Post: May 5, 1900)

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