Murmurs from the Mersey (May 5, 1900)

May 5, 1900
May! and still talking about football! My remarks shall be brief and final. Liverpudlians are glad the season is over. It has not been a successful season, on the contrary, a very unsuccessful season; and on that account they would have voted for the closure long ago, and are in the mood to support a proposition which has been semi-officially made, that a fortnight be taken off each end next season. But they are acting impulsively in so doing.

The bitterness of disappointment prompts them to be rash; and I strongly advise them, and all other would be legislators in favour of a shorter season, to wait a bit, enjoy the delights of cricket, take a holiday, forget all about football; in which case, when the season comes around again, they will be able to bring fresh, unbiased minds to bear on the question, and then, if then they still think the season ought to be curtailed, by all means curtail it.

I am glad to be able to contradict the statement that New Brighton Tower are giving up first class football. There is nothing like baiting your hook to get a bite. The “plant” has taken; for, of course, had I put in the form of a question instead of a statement, the club would have told me to mind my own business.

Nearly all the old players have been signed on again, together with Cunliffe, the international forward, who returns to New Brighton after a season at Portsmouth, and bring Turner, the “Pompey” right back, with him.

If all the ex-Towerites return to their old love with a player in tow, other clubs will be rather chary of taking them on! Cunliffe takes the place of Raybould, sold to Liverpool, who took the place of Johnny Goodall.  It is to be hoped that New Brighton will not be compelled to part next season with Cunliffe, as they did with Raybould, for a consideration.

All Liverpool’s old players, practically, have been re-engaged except A. Goldie. He makes way for Robertson, of Stoke, whose engagement I notified last week, and whose transfer to Liverpool has since been confirmed by the League.

Robertson and Dunlop constitute a back division that will be bad to beat next season. But here I am, talking about next season, when all sorts of things may happen in the next few months.

There is a likelihood of McColl, the Queen’s Park international, signing on for Liverpool next season. It is a rather considerable step to take, for an amateur to become a “pro.,” but the thing has been done before, especially by Scotch amateurs.
(Source: Lancashire Evening Post: May 5, 1900)

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