Football League meeting (May 9, 1900)

May 9, 1900
A special meeting of the Management Committee of the Football League was held at the Blue Bear Hotel, Manchester, last evening, Mr. Jon James Bentley presiding.

The principal business was the consideration of the charge made against Hillman, one of the Burnley players, for approaching McPherson, the Notts Forest captain, with a view, it is alleged, to the bribing of the Forest players to let Burnley win a League match.

As is well known, everything depended upon this particular fixture, played at Nottingham on Saturday, April 28th, as to whether Burnley joined the Second Division or not. The match resulted in a win for Notts Forest by four goals to none.

After a lengthy discussion, previous to which the evidence of McPherson had been taken, the committee decided to remit the case to the consideration of the Football Association, who will hold a meeting in Manchester on Monday next to give a final prnouncement on the matter.

Messrs. Sidney, Hart and Sutcliffe, the representatives from the Newcastle and Middlesbrough clubs, attended to explain the position of the Newcastle players who had been transferred to Middlesbrough in March, and who were now being re-transferred to Newcastle United. The committee decided that the re-transfer of Stott and Wardrope should be refused, and of the remaning Middlesbrough players the transfer of Niblo was granted.

The explanation of the Bury club for not playing their strongest League team against Stoke and Everton was considered satusfactory.

The following transfers were endorsed: –
John Kennedy, Stoke to Glossop;
Robert King, Leicester Fosse to Glossop;
F. Crump, Derby to Glossop;
T. Low, Dundee to Woolwich Arsenal;
Herbert Chas. Dainty, Leicester Fosse to New Brighton;
A. Mowatt, Lincoln City to Newcastle United;
P. Kyle, Liverpool to Leicester Fosse;
D. Smith, Bolton Wanderers to Notts County;
Wm. Highins, Newcastle United to Middlesbrough;
W. Place, jun., Burnley to Woolwich Arsenal;
Michael Kelly, Burnley to Blackburn Rovers;
J. Whitehouse, Burslem Port Vale to Stoke; (note should be Frank Whitehouse)
W. Leech, Port Vale to Stoke;
Burgess, Dundee to Newcastle United;
A. Wilson, Glasgow Clyde to Sheffield Wednesday;
A. Wood, St Bernard’s to Sheffield United;
W. McWhinnie, 3rd Lanark to Sheffield Wednesday;
J. Connachan, Glossop to Leicester Fosse;
J. Lamb, Middlesbrough to Newcastle United; (note should be Thomas Lamb)
W. Simmons, Barnsley to Sheffield Wednesday;
J. Stubbs, Loughborough to Sheffield Wednesday. (note should be Frank Stubbs).
(Lancashire Evening Post: May 10, 1900)

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