Letter from the front (May 12, 1900)

May 12, 1900
The following is an extract of an interesting letter which Mr. Alf Edwards has received from Private Richard Morris at Ketting Siding:

“Our Captain allowed us to go to Fraserburg Road, a place about 42 miles higher up, to play a football match. This was a treat as we are not generally allowed to go out of hearing of the bugle.

“I captained the team and we won by 13 goals to nil. I played centre, Latham and Baines (Welshpool) on the right, Corporal Howells (Builth), and Corporal Jones (Towyn), on the left. We scored on in about 18 seonds from the kick-off, Latham scored five.

“After the match we had tea with tongue, sardines, pickles, and bread. Sports were held here on Easter Monday, racing, jumping, &c.

“I took first in the standing jump, 2nd in the tie-legged race, and 3rd in the long jump. The value of the prizes altogether was 8s. 6d.”
(Montgomery County Times and Shropshire and Mid-wales Advertiser: May 12, 1900)

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