Football League: Subjects for the AGM

May 15, 1900
At the annual meeting of the Football League, to be held in Manchester next Monday, the Management Committee, in the course of their report, state that financially the season has not been successful, and they are of opinion that some scheme should be formulated to raise a reserve fund.

The abstract of cash account for the season must be considered unsatisfactory, for whereas there was at the commencement a balance in hand of £367 19s. 6d., the season ended with a deficiency in hand of £196 12s. 2d. The expenses in connection with general meetings have been £171 15s. 7d., and in connection with management meetings £331 6s. 5d.

The report regrets a great falling off in the interest in the inter-League matches.

The agenda includes the consideration of a number of proposed amendments to rules, the Management Committee not unnaturally, in view of the poor financial year, leading off with a proposal to increase the entrance and subscription fees.

In Rule 5 they wish to insert a provision that any match not completed may be ordered to stand as a completed, or replayed for the full ninety minutes, as the Management Committee may direct.

And from the same source comes the excellent proposal that players who have been registered, but never played, must be re-signed before being placed on the Retain List; while another important alteration brought forward by the committee is that all postponed and drawn Cup ties between League clubs must be replayed on a date other than a Saturday, this change having, doubtless, been suggested by the serious upsetting of fixtures by postponements last season.

And important changes are to be moved in reference to postponed or replayed League matches. The rule at present states that if gate money was taken at the first match then, on the occasion of the second match, the hotel and traveling expenses of the visiting club shall be paid by the home club to the visitors. The Management Committee propose that the second match shall be played upon such terms and conditions as to gate and expenses as that committee decide.

Derby County will make the more definite move that gate money taken at such second match shall be divided as Cup tie terms; but there is no proposal to alter the provision that where gate money was not taken on the original date the visiti8ng club shall play the second match without any charge to the home club.

Derby County also come forward with a new rules containing a clause to the effect that in all cases where a game is unfinished through darkness, for, interference of spectators, or other cause, the referee may deem necessary, the game must be replayed for the full ninety minutes.

The Management Committee wish to have power to add the list of referees and linesmen, and it is to be proposed that where a match is postponed, and no gate taken, the officials shall be paid third-class railway fare and half-fee.

There are other alterations suggested, the most important of which, indeed, the most momentous of all, comes from Bury, who will move that in all League matches the visiting club shall take one-third of the gross receipts, exclusive of amount taken at stands.

Mr. George Leavey, of Woolwich Arsenal, is responsible for the proposal: “That it be referred to the Management Committee to consider and report upon the desirability of dividing the League into two division, Northern and Southern, at the close of season 1900-1901, and to offer to the first five clubs of the Southern League inclusion in the Southern Division.

“To so alter the rules that the four clubs at the head of the First Division to compete for the championship of the League.

“To offer terms to the Southern League such as is now the rule with the Scottish League in respect of the transfer of players.

“To pool the railway and traveling expenses of all clubs in the Second Division, and apportion the same equality at the close of the season.

“The rule that the two highest clubs of the Second Division take the place of the two lowest clubs of the First Division to remain as at present.”

Barnsley, Luton, Loughborough, being the last three in Division II, retire, Barnsley and Loughborough seeking re-election. The other applicants for the three places are Kettering, Blackpool, Doncaster Rovers, Stalybridge Rovers, Stockport County, and Chorley.

Mr. John Bentley (president), and Messrs. Sidney and Haigh (vice presidents) will be re-elected, being the only persons nominated. For the Committee of Management the nominations number 16.
(Lancashire Evening Post: May 15, 1900)

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