Herr Edgar Chadwick’s letter home from Germany

Wednesday, May 16 – 1900
Edgar Chadwick, the ex-Burnley left-winger who was invited to Prague, in Germany, to coach the local football team, has just written to his brother in Blackburn an interesting letter, which he jocosely signs “Herr Edgar Chadwick.”
He says: –
I commenced duties by refereeing in a match on Sunday, and commenced my coaching duties on Monday. I have charge of 50 players, and have to train them at 7 o’clock in the morning for 1 ½ hours, and then leave off until 7 at night. They will soon pick up the points of football here. Our team have only six matches to play, and one especially (Berlin) they wish to win. I shall endeavour to succeed in winning that match for them. They must think a lot about a professional footballer, as I have been invited to all the houses of the gentlemen belonging to the club here to take dinner with them at night. I think I we made a magnificent impression when the English team came here last November.
(Burnley Express, 16-05-1900)

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