Everton, Sunderland and George Livingston

May 31, 1900
With reference to the dispute between Everton and Sunderland regarding Livingston, of the Heart of Midlothian, it appears that Livingstone signed for Everton in 1896.

He states, however, that he never played for the Liverpool club. Sunderland contend that this being so, Livingston to their players under the rule passed by the International Board in 1898.

This rule is as follows:  –
Scotch players who have signed, but not played in England, prior to February 15tt, 1898, must not be placed on the retained list, as all such registrations are cancelled.

Sunderland were aware of Livingston having signed for Everton when they engaged him, but they were assured at the time that he had not played for them.

The Wearsiders are confident of the decision being given in their favour. Men are now busily engaged on the Roker Park Ground. Improving the drainage of the playing pitch for next season.
(Source: Lancashire Evening Post: May 31, 1900)