Football League meeting (June 30, 1900)

June 30, 1900
On Saturday, at the Albion Hotel, Manchester, a meeting of the Management Committee of the Football League was held under the presidency of Mr. John James Bentley. There were also present Messrs. T.H. Sidney, D. Hagh, J. Lewis, C.E. Sutcliffe, H.S. Radford, W.W. Hart, and Harry Lockett (secretary).

Sunderland and Everton attended respecting the registration of a player named George Livingston, who had been signed by Everton on a League form two years ago, and had also played for them under an assumed name in Scotland. It was decided that he had not been registered by Everton until after he had played, and therefore belonged to Sunderland.

Liverpool and Everton appeared regarding a player named Fred Halliday, who had signed as an amateur for Liverpool two years ago. It was resolved that he ought not to have been placed on the retain list last season, and Liverpool were ordered to grant him a free transfer.

Wilfred Oldham, of Everton, asked for his transfer. It was stated that Everton were willing to re-engage him at a big salary, but insisted upon his living in Liverpool. Oldham, however, wished to reside in Accrington. No action was taken.

Johnny Holt, the well-known international half back, Len Benbow, of Notts Forest, and Edgar Chadwick, of Burnley, applied for the reduction of their transfer fees, but no action was taken.

Manchester City were reported by Blackburn Rovers for signing Percy Slater, a League player of Blackburn Rovers. Mr. Ormerod, secretary of Manchester City, explained that Slater had been signed in error. The committee imposed a fine of £1 1s., and adjudged Slater a Blackburn Rovers’ player.

Burnley were ordered to pay Gainsborough Trinity £5 compensation for playing at Turf Moor on Christmas Day.

Newton Heath asked for ruling as to whether Manchester City had a right to play at home on Good Friday and Christmas Day. The Committee decided that as there were other holidays open which could be secured by Newton Heath Manchester City’s arrangement should stand.

The following transfers were granted: –
Herbert Hallows, Everton to Manchester City;
James Moir, Celtic to Blackburn Rovers;
Fred Wheldon, Aston Villa to West Bromwich;
Jimmy Ashcroft, Everton to Woolwich Arsenal;
Jimmy Lindsay, Newcastle United to Burnley;
John Glover, Blackburn Rovers to Liverpool;
Hugh Morgan, Liverpool to Blackburn Rovers;
Archie Brash, The Wednesday to Leicester Fosse;
Archie Goldie, Liverpool to New Brighton Tower;
Jack Farrell, Stoke to New Brighton Tower;
Gordon Coles, Nottingham Forest to Woolwich Arsenal.
(Lancashire Evening Post: July 2, 1900)

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