Liverpool Conservatives and Dr. Flinn

Friday, July 20 – 1900
In recognition of Dr. Flinn’s long and faithful services to the Conservative cause in the Everton Division of Liverpool, a special meeting was held yesterday at the Constitutional Rooms, to present to him a handsome silver tea and coffee service.

The plate was beautifully engraved and bore inscriptions. Accompanying these gifts was an illuminated address, which was signed John Houlding (chairman), R.A. Hampson (vice-chairman), F.W. Knight (treasurer), W. Gilbert (chairman, 6 Polling Distict), E. Berry (chairman, 10 Polling District), J. Robinson (chairman, 11 Polling District), J.W. Kershaw (chairman, 12 Polling District), and Edward Pritchard (chairman, 13 Polling District).

Alderman John Houlding occupied the chair, and amongst others present were Sir John Willox, M.P., Dr. Flinn, Mrs. Flinn, Miss Flinn, Alderman J. Ellison, Messrs. R.A. Hampson, A. Shelmerdine, W. Houlding, Simon Jude, J.B. Colton, J.R.R. Fletcher, and Dr. Bradshaw.

The Chairman briefly stated that when the testimonial to Dr. Flinn was first mooted, so spontanuous was the response to the call for subscripton that a considerable amount was raised in a very short time.

Sir. John Willox referred to the long and faithful service rendered by Dr. Flinn to the Conservative cause in Liverpool. It was a great pleasure to himself to have the honour of handling the handsome present to Dr. Flinn, and likewise of presenting to Mrs. Flinn a diamond ring.

Dr. Flinn briefly responded.

Votes of thanks to Sir John Willox and Alderman John Houlding concluded the proceedings.
(Liverpool Mercury, 21-07-1900)

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