Tragic news about James Kelso

Wednesday, July 25 – 1900
A determined case of suicide took place last night in Renton. James Kelso (29), 9 King Street, a fitter in the engineering works, Dumbarton, was the victim. Kelso, who had just returned from a holiday at the Isle of Man, spent the day with his wife and family. They all returned home about seven o’clock in the evening, and nothing unusual was observed in Kelso’s behaviour.

He shortly afterwards seized a razor, and, applying it to his throat, cut it from ear to ear. His wife instantly raised the alarm, and the services of a doctor were procured, but Kelso had expired before his arrival. Kelso is described as a regular worker, and has never been known to have been much the worse of drink.

Kelso, it may be noted, is brother of a Bob Kelso, the famous footballer of Renton, Everton, and Dundee fame: and he himself, after figuring in the Renton team for a number of years, crossed the Border and in the ranks of the Liverpool Football Club.
(Evening Telegraph, 26-07-1900)

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