Season preview 1900-01: Liverpool F.C. (Sheffield Independent)

August 21, 1900
Bill Perkins, Harry Storer, goal; Tom J. Robertson, Billy Dunlop, John Glover, backs; Rab Howell, Alex Raisbeck, William Goldie, Charlie Wilson, John T. Hunter, half backs;  Tom Robertson, John Walker, Sam Raybould, Charles Satterthwaite, John Cox, William Otty, Thomas Soulsby, Alf Ferrier, John “Sailor” Hunter, and Andy McGuigan, forwards.

One of the most remarkable and unaccountable features of last season was the failure of the Liverpool team.

With practically the same men as in the previous season, when they made a splendid though unsuccessful fight for both the League championship and the English Cup, the Anfield Road heroes were seen fighting hard to keep their place in the First Division, and were only saved from a fall by the excellent form they showed in the later games after being joined by Raybould, of New Brighton.

That the management have still faith in the ability of their players is evidenced by the fact that most of them have been re-engaged for the coming season, with of course the addition of several new men, the most notable of whom are Robertson, formerly of Stoke, who will partner Dunlop at back in place of Archie Goldie, who has gone to New Brighton; John Glover, another full back, previously of Blackburn Rovers and New Brompton; and Andy McGuigan, a forward form the Edinburgh Hibernian.

Certainly on paper, Liverpool with the famous Raisbeck as captain, seem as powerful a combination as any in the country, and on the improved form they displayed at the end of last season, when they won the last four League games in succession and saved themselves from a downfall into the Second Division, they should take a prominent position during 1900-1.

Liverpool are one of the clubs who failed to make their entry for the English Cup competition in the specified time allowed by rule, and so have to play in the extra round which has been arranged between the qualifying stage and the competition proper.

Their followers in the big seaport are expecting them to repeat or even improve upon the form of two seasons ago, when they were only beaten for the cup and the League championship by the teams who ultimately carried off the honours.
(Source: Sheffield Independent: August 21, 1900)

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