Season preview 1900/01: Liverpool F.C. (Sheffield Daily Telegraph)

August 25, 1900
Across the way, at Anfield, there are not many changes, but what there are lend, to all appearances, lustre to an already refulgent lot. Tom J. Robertson, the clever Stoke back, who might easily have found his way to Sheffield, takes the place of the elder Goldie (Archie Goldie), gone south.

Another one-time Rover in the person of John Glover is in reserve for either of the regular pairs, while Andy McGuigan, of Edinburgh Hibernians, said to be an abnormally smart man, and who was only just missed by Wednesday through no fault of their own, joins such a band as Tom Robertson, John Walker, Sam Raybould, Charles Satterthwaite, John Cox, and John “Sailor” Hunter.

At half-back and goals things are as before, and it cannot be denied that the team looks good enough for anything.
(Source: Sheffield Daily Telegraph: August 25, 1900)