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Football League meeting (September 3, 1900)

September 3, 1900
A meeting of the Management Committee of the Football League was held at West Bromwich, yesterday, the president being in the chair. There were also present Messrs. Haigh and Sidney (vice presidents), Radford, Lewis, Sutcliffe and Hart.

Preston North End reported Stockport County for approaching and signing a player named Stansfield, who was on their transfer list. After hearing both clubs, Stockport were exonerated from blame for signing him, but were ordered to pay Preston the sum of £12 10s for the transfer.

Several clubs having applied for alterations to their fixture lists, the matter was adjourned for the reasons for such changes.

The following transfers were confirmed: –
John Wilkie (Glasgow Rangers) to Middlesbrough;
Wm. E. Kent (Sheffield United) to Glossop;
Lorenzo Evans (Glossop) to Blackpool;
J.R. Burden (Everton) to Blackpool;
B. Hulse (Blackburn Rovers) to New Brighton;
E. Downie (Chesterfield) to Stockport County;
P. McCracken (Middlesbrough) to Chesterfield;
J. Parkinson (Liverpool) to Blackpool;
John Birchall (Liverpool) to Blackpool);
A.J. Schofield (Everton) to Newton Heath;
John Hulligan (Everton) to Stockport;
John Pattison (Manchester City) to Stockport;
W. Oldham (Everton) to Blackburn Rovers;
G. Stevenson (Liverpool) to Barnsley.

Newcastle United were censured and fined one guineas for signing James Laidlaw, who was on the retain list of Burnley, having signed for them in the season 1893, and been retained ever since. Newcastle United were also ordered to pay Burnley the sum of £10 as compensation.

A player named Dunster, of Woolwich Arsenal, applied for a reduction of transfer placed upon him. This was acceded to, and the amount reduced very considerably.
(Lancashire Evening Post: September 4, 1900)

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