Stockport County trounced

September 3, 1900
The second string of the Stockport County played their first match under the auspices of the Lancashire Combination on Saturday, and entertained the Liverpool team. The local eleven included no less than seven new players, whilst Liverpool were strongly represented, especially in the front rank. Throughout the afternoon the visitors were seen to advantage, and played a sterling game of football, with the result that when time was called they were proclaimed winners by five goals to none.

The great advantage gained by Liverpool was due to the display of the forwards-play which was practically faultless, the whole quintette performing in a manner which many times elicited warm applause from the home supporters. Stockport were very weak in the front rank, and an alteration is apparently necessary if they are to make anything like a show against the strong defence of the Combination clubs.

William Parker was the best of the lot, and at half-back William Brown, of Blackpool, and Edwin Downie, of Chesterfield, made a fairly good show. Joe Butler, in goal, gave a capital display, and but for his many excellent saves the score against the Green-laners would have been much higher.
(Source: Athletic News: September 3, 1900)

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