Liverpool v West Bromwich Albion

September 17, 1900
Liverpool v West Bromwich Albion
A crowd of 18,000 spectators welcomed the Reds, after their clever victory over Stoke, at Anfield on Saturday, when the opposition was furnished by West Bromwich. Mr. G.H. Dale had charge of the subjoined teams:

Liverpool (2-3-5): Bill Perkins, Tom. J. Robertson, Billy Dunlop, Charlie Wilson, Alex Raisbeck, William Goldie, Tom Robertson, John Walker, Sam Raybould, Charles Satterthwaite, John Cox.
West Bromwich (2-3-5): Joe Reader, Amos Adams, Billy Williams, Archibald Dunn, Abraham Jones, Harry Hadley, John Chadburn, Thomas Pickering, Charlie Simmons, Fred Wheldon, William Richards.

Albion started, and even play was the order for fully ten minutes, after which the home forwards began to make their presence felt. The left wing was often prominent, and, after neat passing, Goldie scored with a long shot. The visitors retaliated, but Dunlop repeatedly repelled their assaults, and Perkins was rarely in difficulties. Wilson placed his wing in possession, and Robertson tipped the ball to Walker, who dashed through and easily defeated Reader. From now to the interval the Albion kept up a strong attack, and several praiseworthy attempts to score were made. They could not get past the defence, however, and Liverpool led by two goals at half-time.

The Albion forced the play on resuming, and two unsuccessful corners fell to them. From a long return by Robertson, Williams failed to respond, and Raybould dashing up took the ball towards the Albion goal. Reader came out to tackle his opponent, but Raybould stepped, and, lifting the ball over the custodian’s head, scored the third point with a slow shot. Shortly afterwards the same player raced clean away again, and put on the fourth, Reader having no chance of saving. Albion broke away spasmodically, but they were now a beaten team, though Chadburn and Jones tried hard to stern disaster. Robertson and Cox were often dangerous, and the former gained the fifth goal ten minutes from time. Liverpool pressed to the finish, and won easily.

Result: Liverpool, 5; West Bromwich, nil.
(Source: Liverpool Mercury: September 17, 1900)

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