Andy McCowie transferred to Middlesbrough

October 4, 1900
Andy McCowie, of Woolwich Arsenal, who formerly played for Liverpool, has been signed on for Middlesbrough. He should prove a most valuable acquisition to the Middlesbrough club. A stiff figure has had to be paid for his transfer, and big things are expected of him when he turns out to do duty for the Tee-side organisation. The directors have acted very wisely in securing an addition for the forward rank.

They have obtained a really that class player to fill any vacancy that may occur, and it is necessary that the team should at all times be kept up to full strength. A win should be brought off on Saturday, when the eleven appear at home after having spent two Saturday’s away.

There should be another huge attendance to give the boys a hearty reception  in recognition of their having broken the record by gaining their first brace of away points at Chesterfield. It will give them heart to make a bold bid for victory at Leicester next Saturday. William Higgins is all right again, and the team will be as usual again on Saturday.
(Daily Gazette for Middlesbrough: October 4, 1900)


Wednesday, October 10 – 1900

A transfer that has created as much surprise at Woolwich as here took place last week, little Andy McCowie, of the Arsenal, being transferred to Middlesbrough. Thus a partnership from which great things were expected – Thomas Low and McCowie, the old Parkhead Juniors – has been ruthlessly separated.
(The Evening Post, 10-10-1900)


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