Points shared between Newcastle and Liverpool

Monday, November 26 – 1900
The above League game was decided at Newcastle, before 15,000 spectators. The teams were as follows: – Liverpool: Bill Perkins, goal; Tom J. Robertson, Billy Dunlop, backs; Charlie Wilson, Alex Raisbeck, William Goldie; half-backs Tom Robertson, Johnny Walker, Sam Raybould, Charles Satterthwaite, and John Cox, forwards. Newcastle United: Matt Kingsley, goal; Charles Burgess, Dave Gardner, backs; Thomas Ghee, Andrew Aitken, Jack Carr, half-backs; Tommy Niblo, Alec Gardner, Jock Peddie, Sandy MacFarlane, James Laidlaw.

Liverpool opened with a strong attack, but were driven back, and after five minutes’ play Carr passed to Laidlow, who ran close in and beat Perkins with a fast low shot. Midfield play followed, and both goals had narrow escapes, Wilson just missing with a flying shot, whilst Perkins asved splendidly twice in succession.

Liverpool eventually went down in fine style, and Cox receiving completely beat Kingsley, thus equalising the scores. The visitors kept up the pressure, and a grand shot from Raybould was cleared by the custodian at the expense of a corner. The home goal was bombarded, but Kingsley repeatedly cleared in splendid fashion, though a capital centre from Robertson was allowed to pass harmlessly across the goal mouth.

The interval arrived with the scores unaltered, and the figures were unaltered when the final whistle blew. Liverpool more than held their own in the second half, but could not again defeat Kingsley, whilst on two occasions the visitors’ goal was subjected to severe pressure. The result of a fast and open game was therefore a draw, a fitting termination to an evenly fought combat.
(Liverpool Mercury, 26-11-1900)

** Note there are different opinions on who played right full-back for Newcastle United. Online sources goes with Ned Allen, while Liverpool Mercury claim Charles Burgess played.

John Cox, Liverpool F.C.
John Cox Liverpool F.C.

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