Employment in Liverpool and district

Wednesday, December 19 – 1900
The following is the monthly report of the Board of Trade concerning employment in Liverpool and district: –
Engineering and Shipbuilding. – Boilermakers and iron shipbuilders, patternmakers, fitters, turners, and shipjoiners report employment as dull; coppersmiths and brass founders as fair; drillers, hammermen, and ironfounders as quitter; ship painters and scrapers as slack; shipwrights as busy.

Woodworking and Furnishing Trades. – Coopers, millsawyers, and wood-cutting machinists as fair; cabinetmakers and French polishers as dull; coachmakers as moderate.

Transport Trades. – Dock labourers as improved; seamen and firemen as good; Mersey flatmen as fair. Quay and railway carters maintain the improvement reported last month.

Building Trades. – Painters and joiners as dull; bricklayers and plasterers as declining; brickmakers as bad.

Clothing Trades. – Boot and shoe makers as good. Bespoke tailors as still slack in the bespoke branch, and dull in the ready made branches.

Printing and Allied Trades. Letterpress printers as still dull, but improved. Lithographic printers as rather slacker; bookbinders as dull.

Coal Mining and Quarrying. – Coal miners still report an average of five days per week. Quarrymen are busy.

Glass and Chemical Trades. – Glass bootle makers and sheet glass workers as good; chemical workers as still dull.

A report from Winsford states that employment in the salt trade has been dull. It is moderate in the chemical trade at Middlewich; in the building trades slack at Winsford, good at Middlewich. Moulders as fair as Winsford; shipwrights, boilersmiths, brassworkers, and fitters as regular in both towns; fustian cutters as good.
(Liverpool Mercury, 19-12-1900)

Liverpool dock workers 1900

Bricklayers ca 1900

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