West Bromwich Albion v Liverpool 5-2 (Friendly match)

Wednesday, December 26 – 1900
Match: Friendly, at The Hawthorns.
West Bromwich Albion – Liverpool 5-2 (3-0).
Attendance: 9,000; gate receipt: £234.
West Bromwich Albion (2-3-5): Reader, Simmons, Stevenson, Roberts, Banks, Frederick Buck.
Liverpool (2-3-5): Bill Perkins; Tom J. Robertson, Billy Dunlop; Rab Howell, Alex Raisbeck (C), William Goldie; Tom Robertson, Andy McGuigan, Sam Raybould, John “Sailor Hunter”, John Cox.
The goals: 1-0 Simmons, 2-0 Stevenson, 3-0 Buck, 3-1 Raybould, 4-1 Roberts, 4-2 “Sailor” Hunter, 5-2 Banks.

At West Bromwich, yesterday afternoon, before 9,000 spectators. Liverpool kick off, and the home side at once pressed with vigour. Soon after the start the home forwards rushed into the Liverpool quarters, and Simmons with a fine shot scored their first point. Liverpool then attacked strongly, but were met with a stubborn defence, Reader saving repeatedly very cleverly. Stevenson scored again for the Albion. Half-time – Albion, 3; Liverpool, nil.
On changing ends the play was fast and exciting, and more even than in the opening half. Liverpool missed several capital chances through wild shooting. Liverpool rushed away, and Raybould scored their first point. The Albion retaliated smartly, and Roberts registered the fourth goal for them. The game was fiercely contested up to the finish, when the result stood – Albion, 5, Liverpool, 2.
(Liverpool Mercury, 27-12-1900)

At West Bromwich. Neither team was fully represented. Simmons scored first for Albion within a few minutes of the start, while Stevenson and Buck scored the second and third goals respectively before the interval. Play was very spirited in the second half, and Raybould first scored for Liverpool, but Roberts retaliated with a fourth for the Albion. Hunter scored for Liverpool, and then Banks again for Albion.
(Manchester Courier, 27-12-1900)


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