Liverpool v Blackburn Rovers

December 31, 1900
The Liverpool team after their visit to West Bromwich on Boxing Day, took up their quarters at Southport, from which place they made the journey to Blackburn to oppose the Rovers. Charlie Wilson and John “Sailor” Hunter stood down in place of Howell and Satterthwaite, while the Rovers were without Bob Crompton.

The sides were as follows:
Liverpool: Bill Perkins, Tom J. Robertson, Billy Dunlop, Rab Howell, Alex Raisbeck, William Goldie, Tom Robertson, Andy McGuigan, Sam Raybould, Charles Satterthwaite, John Cox.
Blackburn Rovers: Walter Whittaker, Bob Haworth, Allen Hardy, James Moir, Sam McClure, Albert “Kelly” Houlker, Arnie Whittaker, Peter Somers, Jack Dewhurst, Hugh Morgan, Fred Blackburn.

Liverpool lost the toss, and the Rovers commenced in quite sensational fashion, for Dewhurst placed the ball past Perkins in the first minute of play. Then the Liverpudlians attacked principally on the left wing, but there was no getting the better of the Rovers’ custodian and backs.

Play progressed evenly until Blackburn and Morgan made play on the right, the first mentioned being principally concerned in again lowering the visitors’ colours by means of a smart centre, of which Whittaker took full advantage.

Liverpool played up pluckily, but ill-luck dogged their efforts. Another break away by the Rovers’ forwards resulted in Dewhurst netting the ball a third time with a shot quite out of Perkins’ reach. Just before the interval Raybould at last scored for Liverpool.

The second half opened favourably to the Rovers, but eventually Liverpool put in some capital footwork until they reached close quarters, when their final efforts were very faulty. Raybould had one good chance, but put wide.

For some time the visitors maintained a strong attack only to find stubborn opposition. Play become keener than ever, but at every point the defence prevailed over the attack, and no further scoring too place.
(Source: Liverpool Mercury: December 31, 1900)

NOTE: There are some newspaper sources, like Sheffield Independent, who claim McGuigan scored Liverpool’s goal just before the interval.


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