Liverpool v Stoke

January 2, 1901
Liverpool v Stoke.
These teams played their League games at Liverpool yesterday before 12,000 people. Tom Robertson quickly scored for the home team, but soon after missed a penalty kick. Then Stoke had a look in, and Tinker Whitehouse, running finely, passed the home halves and tricked the backs, finishing up with a shot into the net; Bill Perkins got the ball, but it was too slippery too hold. Rab Howell, who was playing at half, vice Charlie Wilson, frustrated Sam Higginson’s attempt to get through, and then Theodore Wilkes had to stop a good attack by Robertson, Charles Satterthwaite, and company. Billy Dunlop was again out of form, and Len Benbow and Higginson were at times dangerous, but Perkins generally managed to clear his lines.

Half-time score was: Liverpool, one goal; Stoke one.

On resuming the homesters pressed, and Alex Raisbeck shot in hard, Wilkes dropped the greasy ball, and John Cox rushed it into the net, thus putting Liverpool a goal ahead. The home side still pressed, and Andy McGuigan got clean through, and beating Billy Capewell scored again for Liverpool. The home side held the advantage to the finish, Stoke only occasionally breaking away.

Result: Liverpool, three goals; Stoke, one goal.
(Source: Sporting Life: January 2, 1901)

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