Tom Watson’s hunted expression

January 5, 1901
Liverpool’s crushing defeat at Blackburn bears hardly on the players, and has plunged the followers of the losing team into an unreasonable grief, and spoilt the Christmas and New Year rejoicings in Liverpool.

But the responsibility of the players and the feelings of the spectators are small and slight compared with Secretary Tom Watson’s. He chose the team that lost; therefore, on him falls the blame. If there was a Selection Committee for Liverpool, as well as Everton, then Secretary Watson would be able to divide the blame – and the praise as well, of course, for he is not selfish – and he would no longer wear that harassed, hunted expression with which he came away from Blackburn last week.
(Source: Lancashire Evening Post: January 5, 1901)

Tom Watson, secretary-manager of Liverpool Football Club.
Tom Watson secretary manager Liverpool F.C.

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