West Ham v Liverpool

January 7, 1901
West Ham v Liverpool.
If pluck could have done it, West Ham United would have beaten Liverpool on Saturday. The Canning Town men certainly played a great game, and, though defeated, they deserve every credit for the great fight they made against the powerful team to whom they were opposed.

As it is, they may console themselves with the reflection that they had by no means the best of good fortune, for they played during the greater part of the second half without one of their best players, this being their right back, Craig. The last named was badly damaged in stopping the rush which resulted in Raybould’s goal, and, though he tried to resume, he played no further part in the game.

One of the features of the play was the wonderful goal-keeping of Hugh Monteith, and it is not too much to say that the West Ham custodian has never shown better form.

Early in the afternoon the ground presented an animated appearance, and when the time came for a start to be made there were about 7,000 persons present. Considering that the admission fee was 1s. instead of the usual 6d. this must be considered eminently satisfactory.

The game.
Liverpool won the toss, but the visitors gained no advantage from this, as Craig broke up the opening attack, and Liverpool had to defend. Some effective work was the result of Grassam and Reid sending in good shots, but the Liverpool goalkeeper was very safe, while at the other end Monteith saved a splendid shot by Raybould.

The game continued to be evenly contested up to half-time, but nothing was scored, and the teams crossed over on an even footing.

In the second portion some fast and exciting work was seen. A corner to Liverpool was rendered abortive by Monteith, and another determined attack by Liverpool was frustrated by King. West Ham then attacked again, and Hunt sent in a splendid shot, the ball hitting the cross-bar and rebounding into play.

Liverpool broke away again, and although Monteith saved splendidly several times he was at length beaten by Raybould from a melee in front of goal, and it was then that Craig met with the injury which necessitated his retirement.

Under the disadvantage of having only ten men, West Ham’s efforts were unavailing and the result of a hard-fought game was: Liverpool, 1 goal; West Ham, 0.

West Ham United: Hugh Monteith, Syd King, Charles Craig, Charles Dove, Willie Kelly, Roddy McEachrane, Fergus Hunt, Billy Grassam, Jimmy Reid, George Ratcliffe, Albert Kaye.
Liverpool: Bill Perkins, Tom J.Robertson, John Glover, Charlie Wilson, Alex Raisbeck, William Goldie, Tom Robertson, John Walker, Sam Raybould, Charles Satterthwaite, John Cox.
(Source: Daily Express: January 7, 1901)

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