Tennis-score for the Liverpool Reserves

January 12, 1901
At Anfield. The visitors started, before a small attendance. They were no match for the home team, and within a minute John “Sailor” Hunter, getting well down, placed the ball out of the reach of the Blackburn-goalkeeper.

Harry Storer had one or two shots to deal with but, these excepted, he was practically idle, and Charles Satterthwaite, John Davies, Arthur McArdle and Tom Soulsby were all busy in the Park goal. Hunter at the finish of a combined run, scored a second goal for Liverpool.

Play continued as before, the visitors being unable to make any progress. They rarely got beyond midfield, and as time went on were gradually penned in their own half and compelled to defend. Towards the interval Liverpool once more swarmed round, and the Blackburn goalkeeper put in some good defensive work, but all attempts by Blackburn to get away failed.

Half-time: – Liverpool 2, Blackburn 0.

The second half was a repetition of the first. Hunter opened the scoring again for Liverpool, the visitors’ goalkeeper making a feeble attempt to save. Then Satterthwaite and Davies each scored in turn, and Hunter followed with a sixth. Townsend tried hard, and gave Storer a taste of the leather but the home team were quickly back, and in the closing stages of a one-sided game simply worried the visitors.

Result: – Liverpool 6, Park Road 0.
(Source: Lancashire Evening Post: January 12, 1901)

Harry Storer, Liverpool (Lloyd’s Weekly News: December 1, 1895):


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