Liverpool v Everton

January 21, 1901
Liverpool v Everton.
More wretched weather than that which, prevailed on the occasion of the important fixture can scarcely be imagined, and grave doubts were entertained as to whether the game could possibly take place. The turf always on the soft side, was exceptionally heavy, with here and there pools of water, which accounted for many vagaries during the game. Owing to indisposition of the Everton backs, the Combination pair, Crelley and Eccles were drafted into the teams, while the full eleven represented the home side.

Liverpool: Bill Perkins, Tom J. Robertson, Billy Dunlop, Charlie Wilson, Alex Raisbeck, William Goldie, Tom Robertson, Andy McGuigan, Sam Raybould, John Walker, John Cox.
Everton: Willie Muir, George Eccles, Jack Crelley, Sam Wolstenholme, Tom Booth, Walter Abbott, Jack Sharp, Jack Taylor, John Proudfoot, Jimmy Settle, Joe Turner.

Right from the start, the Everton forwards became very aggressive, and the methods they adopted gave one the impression that they would eventually turn out a winning team. Long, swinging passes caused the home defenders considerable trouble, and keeping their feet better than their opponents, the Everton forwards were frequently in close proximity to Perkins. As a result of one of these rushes, Taylor scored after play had been in progress 18 minutes. It was only occasionally that the Liverpool appeared dangerous, much ground being left by attempting short passing movements, but at length looseness in the Everton back division gave Cox an opportunity, which he put in the best advantage. Up to half time the Everton team still held a lead in the play, but no further scoring took place.

On resuming the Everton forwards were again busy, but met with stout opposition from Dunlop and Robertson, and on the venue being transferred Muir brought off a fine save on the line from Raybould. A little later the visiting custodian had greatly difficulty in getting a shot away from Raisbeck, and a further return by the Liverpool Walker missed a very easy chance of scoring. Once again Everton took up the running, and following several centres from Sharp, Booth supplemented, and Taylor drove hard into the net thus giving his side the lead again. Subsequently the Everton backs were hard pressed Raisbeck being mostly concerned in attacks on the goal, but the defenders prevailed and the game end Everton 2 goals, Liverpool one.
(Source: Liverpool Mercury: January 21, 1901)


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