Padiham taste defeat

January 23, 1901
Padiham v Liverpool Reserves.
Padiham had as visitors on Saturday Liverpool in the return match, and though Padiham reduced the score of their opponents to half that of the away match, they were defeated by two goals to one.

Play on both sides was not of the sparkling order at all. The visitors kicked off, Hargreaves shooting over the bar in the first minute. The visitors then attacked, Perrin shooting wide. Hargreaves caused Harry Storer to clear, John “Sailor” Hunter scoring for the visitors from a corner.

At half-time the score was: – Liverpool, one; Padiham, none.

In the second half Liverpool soon added to their score through a scrummage, Finnigan being fouled near the goal, and Abbot scoring from the free-kick. Padiham played up well, Gardner had hard lines, Storer clearing well.

At this stage several of the players left the field owing to the weather.

Result: – Liverpool, 2; Padiham, 1.

Padiham seems to have pressed hard during the latter stage of play, but to no effect. Abbot was the pick of the forwards, and Turner played a capital game at back.
(Source: Burnley Gazette: January 23, 1901)


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