Liverpool F.C. Theatrical Gala 1901

February 14, 1901
Liverpool Annual Theatrical Gala.
This popular event took place, as usual, on the Liverpool Football Ground, Anfield, on Thursday, the 14th inst., and proved to be a gratifying success. It is expected that over £500 will be available for distribution among the various charities.

A monster procession started from the Bee Hotel at non, and paraded through the town, “raking the shekels” en route. The chief feature of the parade was Mr. John Atkin’s beautiful tableaux of the dying wait in snow being succoured by a friendly policeman. Mr. Atkins was instrumental in collecting over £8 through this pretty spectacle.

The results of the races were as follows: –
Fifty Yards Thread-the-Needle Race: 1, Joan McQuie (Empire); 2, Jessie Cliff (Royal Court); 3, K. Freeman (Court).

Sixty Yards Skipping-rope Race: 1, S. Black (Empire), 2, Florrie Page (Empire), 3, Hilda Parry (Shakespeare.

Giants’ Race: 1, J. Rycroft; 2. P.G. Selkeld; 3, W. Stott; 4, C. Kilbride (all these are engaged at the Shakespeare).

Egg and Spoon Race: 1, Gertie O’Brien (Empire), 2, Tessie Burke (Empire); 3, M. Monoghan (Shakespeare).

The indefatigable Band Race was won by – 1, Wren; 2, Pollinghorn; 3, Fowney.

There were several events which were not decided.

The prize-winners in the ladies’ collections were: 1, Miss Birdie Sutherland, of the Shakespeare Theatre; 2, Miss Jackson, Court Theatre; 3, Miss Sadie Murphy, of Bootle; and 4, Miss Nelson, of the Royal Court Theatre.

Gentlemen’s collections: 1, Mr. J.A. Atkin, who has won this prize three times in succession; 2, Mr. George Robey, of the Shakespeare Theatre; 3, Mr. Zola of the Shakespeare Theatre.
(The Stage: February 21, 1901; via
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Theatrical Gala 1901


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