Bolton Wanderers v Liverpool 1-0 (League match: February 16, 1901)

February 16, 1901
Key note: “Bolton Wanderers deserved their victory over Liverpool, and yet, owing to errors of judgment, by which their half-backs gave too much room to the visitors’ left wing, they might easily have missed it. The play was fast and exciting, and though the ground was treacherous to a degree, some of the work was distinctly class. In this respect Liverpool shone most, Raisbeck’s magnificent display at centre-half – he was head and shoulders the best man on the field – helping them both in attack and defence, whilst Dunlop and Robertson cleared in a style which completely overshadowed the men at the other end. In other respects, however, the Bolton men were ahead, and the goal disallowed from Picken was one of the prettiest bits of work of the whole game. It was unfortunate that Mr. Barker only saw him after he had run through the men. Both goalkeepers played finely, and Perkins could not be blamed for the loss.” (Lancashire Evening Post: February 18, 1901)

Match: Football League, First Division, at Burnden Park, kick-off: 15:15.
Bolton Wanderers – Liverpool 1-0 (1-0).
Attendance: 8,000.
Referee: Mr. A.J. Barker.
Bolton Wanderers (2-3-5): John Sutcliffe (C), John Somerville, Walter Brown, Jack Fitchett, Thomas McAteer, Archie Freebairn, Laurie Bell, John Picken, James McKie, Tom Barlow, William Tracey.
Liverpool (2-3-5): Bill Perkins, Tom J. Robertson, Billy Dunlop, Charlie Wilson, Alex Raisbeck (C), William Goldie, Tom Robertson, Andy McGuigan, Sam Raybould, Charles Satterthwaite, John Cox.
The goal: 1-0 Bell (30 min.).

John Sutcliffe, Bolton Wanderers (Athletic News: December 2, 1901).


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