Preston North End v Liverpool

March 6, 1901
From early morning till close on the time allotted for the commencement of this match rain had fallen heavily, and when the teams turned out there were only about a thousand persons present. The ground was partly under water, and accurate play was very difficult.

Preston North End: Peter McBride, Hugh Dunn, Johnny McMahon, Jack Elliott, Peter McIntyre, George Tod, Joe Rogers, Tom Pratt, Andrew Gara, Frank Becton, Ellis Green.
Liverpool: Bill Perkins, John Glover, Billy Dunlop, Charlie Wilson, Alex Raisbeck, William Goldie, Tom Robertson, Johnny Walker, Sam Raybould, Charles Satterthwaite, John Cox.
Referee: Mr. Thomas Helme, Farnworth.

Dunn lost the toss, and North End had to face a strong wind. Liverpool soon made matters warm for the home defence, and Dunn had to concede a corner. This, however, proved futile. Raybould missed an open goal early on. Raisbeck was prominent, and on several occasions checked dangerous rushes by the home quintette. The home left made a determined effort to get away, but were repulsed by Glover and the Liverpool right gaining possession, the ball was centred, and Satterthwaite drew first blood sixteen minutes after the commencement.

On restarting, the homesters got going, and Pratt, after getting the better of Raisbeck, and Dunlop centred superbly, Green heading into the hands of Perkins. The custodian appeared to be over the line when he caught the ball, but Mr. Helme evidently did not think so, for he negatived an appeal for a goal by the homesters. Play continued for a time in the Liverpool territory, but Wilson relieved, and Cox troubled Dunn. Green was going well, when he was fouled by Glover, the free kick being placed badly by Tod. Play was transferred, and McBride was several times called upon, but proved quite equal to any emergency. About a minute prior to the interval Gara gave Perkins a teaser, and the custodian only partially clearing, Becton rushed up, and placed the sphere safely in the net, amidst tremendous cheers.

Interval: North End, one; Liverpool, one.

North End pressed on resuming, and Gara caused Perkins to throw away. From a foul by Raisbeck close to the Liverpool goal, Perkins had a got time of it, the danger only being relieved by a foul on the part of Pratt. North End were now decidedly the better team, but their efforts in front of goal lacked sting. From a break-away by the Liverpool left Raybould received, and with no one to face except McBride, experienced no difficulty in giving his side the lead. This, however, seemed to encourage rather discourage the hometers, and play was taken to the vicinity of Perkins. Pratt centred magnificently after eluding Dunlop, and Becton equalised with a shot that gave Perkins no chance whatever.

Stimulated by this success, the homesters came again, but Pratt was penalised for fouling. Cox and Satterthwaite eluded Dunn, but were checked by McMahon and Dunn, with a well-meant effort from a long distance, struck underneath the cross-bar, Perkins saving with difficulty. The concluding stages were very exciting, and Liverpool forced a corner, but this was cleared, and a foul against Wilson almost resulted in the homesters gaining a victory. North End were pressing when the whistle sounded.

Result: North End, two; Liverpool, two.
(Source: Preston Herald: March 6, 1901)

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