Liverpool won on a wet and windy day

March 30, 1901
At Anfield, in wild, windy wet weather. The ground was a quagmire. The home team were without Alex Raisbeck, playing in the international. Ten thousand spectators witnessed a great game. Walker secured the first corner for Liverpool, Matt Kingsley fumbling the ball. John Cox next had a grand opening, getting clean away, but shooting wide. Disappointing shots also came from Tom Robertson. The visitors when they got away, bustled up the Liverpool defence, and William Goldie just kept out Jock Peddie, giving a corner which John Glover cleared, and Sam Raybould, following quickly up, passed out to John “Sailor” Hunter, whose shot struck Charles Burgess at back, and glanced off him into the net, without giving Kingsley a chance to save. From time to time rain fell in sheets, and the players fell right and left on the greasy ground, the pace, considering, being wonderfully fast. Liverpool did most pressing, and Kingsley kept out stingers from Cox and others. Peddie scored an offside goal.
Half-time – Liverpool 1, Newcastle, 0.

In the second half play was fairly even, and both custodians were called on. Helped by Cox, Raybould scored Liverpool’s second goal. Kingsley having no chance. The home side pressed afterwards, and although United were sometimes dangerous, they had the game well in hand. Hunter scored again for Liverpool just before time.
Result – Liverpool 3, Newcastle 0.
(Source: Lancashire Evening Post: March 31, 1901)

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