Liverpool Reserves v Oswaldtwistle Rovers

April 6, 1901
Liverpool Reserves v Oswaldtwistle Rovers
At Anfield. The home team, weakened by several absentees, had none the best of the opening, and Richardson, forcing play on the right wing, gave Liverpool geler a taster of leather. Liverpool retaliated with a corner, Andy McGuigan being almost through when George stopped him. Rushworth got the ball away, but a second corner followed to Liverpool. The attack on the visitors’ defence was very lively. George was kept fully employed, and how his charge escaped was a marvel, for the home forwards were all round bobbing the ball constantly under the bar, till a vigorous punch by George gained relief, Tom J. Robertson concluding with a grand long shot, which missed by inches. Once or twice the visitors had a look in, but though their right wing played well, the forwards, as a whole hung too much on the ball, and were knocked off. McGuigan scored, and Bolton equalised, and Tom Soulsby scored again.

Half-time: Liverpool 2, Oswaldtwistle 1.

Soon after resuming Forrester mulled a shot by Dawson, and the visitors claimed that the ball went through, the referee’s decision against causing them some dissatisfaction. It look as if they would leave the field. They played a beaten game for some time, warming up half-way through and pressing as time approached to get ahead. Good shots from Dawson and Bolton were dangerous, but they were safely negotiated by Forrester, and McGuigan returned.

Result: Liverpool Reserves 4, Oswaldtwistle 1.
(Source: Lancashire Evening Post: April 6, 1901)

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