Liverpool v Everton

April 6, 1901
Liverpool v Everton.
A friendly game between these old rivals took place at Anfield yesterday afternoon and with both sides playing at full strength an increasing game was interested. The weather fortunately kept fine, the ground being in excellent condition whilst the game was witnessed by some 6,000 spectators.

Liverpool kicked off give and take play following. Then Raisbeck sending down, forced the “Blues” to defend. A free kick, however spoiled the move, and after pretty forward play, Everton went to the other end, where, after some finessing, Turner let drive at Perkins, who caught and kicked away.

Dunlop checked on a return being made, and although the Evertonians were awarded another free kick, no impression could be made, Liverpool packing their goal well. In close following the home right raced down and forced a corner, which was taken by Robertson, and Dunlop had a couple of drives for goal, the second-a particularly hard one-being headed away by Booth.

Liverpool continued to monopolise the bulk of the play, until at length Taylor and Sharp made a breakaway. The ball was sent across to the other wing but on McDonald returning the former, with an open goal, sent over the bar from an easy position.

Balmer and Booth were subsequently prominent in an attack on the Everton goal, and danger was averted whilst in close following the Liverpool citadel had narrow escape on a couple of occasions, Sharp giving Perkins an awkward shot to save, whilst during bully in front of goal Everton had hard lines in not forcing an entrance.

Play was of an exhilarating character, and somewhat above the run of “ordinaries“ Hunter and Satterthwaite in an endeavour to break through were brought to bay by Crelly running across, and another passing movements took the ball to the other end, Raisbeck being in the way and serving to Robertson and Walker. The outside man centred and Satterthwaite, palpably offside, put the Muir, who had no chance of saving.

Turner later on headed finely into Perkins hands and on the custodian sending clear Liverpool moved to the other end, Balmer clearing. Play followed upon level terms, there being little to choose between the sides, who crossed over with Liverpool leading by a goal to nil.

On resuming, Liverpool again forced the pace, and Walker sending over, the visitor’s goal had a narrow escape of being captured again, the ball passing just outside the far upright.

Crelly was next prominent in an attempt made to lower the Everton colours by Hunter and Walker, and then Turner and McDonald dashed off, Parry interfering in the nick of time, and enabling Liverpool again take up an aggressive attitude. Booth headed away, and at the other end Proudfoot had a chance, but preferring to pass instead of shooting, the advantage was nullified and Glover had no difficulty in clearing.

Raybould next shot hard, only to find the ball topping the crossbar, and Parry being penalised. Taylor shot strongly, the ball striking Turner, thus impeding its progress into the net, and giving a free kick to Liverpool on account of the latter player being offside. Perkins was next called upon to fist out a shot from McDonald, whole moment later sent yards wide.

A finely concerted movements between the home forwards was not utilised, Raisbeck going outside with a final shot. A hot attack by Everton was the next noticeable item, Dunlop letting them in by miskicking, only, however, to find Perkins covering safely, and sending up the field, where Satterthwaite centred for Raybould to head over.

Dunlop safely negotiated a couple of corner kicks to the visitors, and Parry and Blythe broke up an attempt at combination by Robertson and Walker.

A couple of minutes later, Satterthwaite received possession, and centring nicely Raybould easily placed the ball past Muir thus recording the second point for Liverpool.

Then Dunlop brought down Taylor, and from the resulting free kick, Wolstenholme shot in, and the ball gliding off one of the home players into the net, the whistle sounding immediately afterwards with the score Liverpool 2 goals Everton 1 goal.

Liverpool: Bill Perkins, John Glover, Billy Dunlop, Maurice Parry, Alex Raisbeck, William Goldie, Tom Robertson, John Walker, Sam Raybould, John “Sailor” Hunter, Charles Satterthwaite.
Everton: Willie Muir, William Balmer, Jack Crelly, Sam Wolstenholme, Tom Booth, Joe Blythe, Jack Sharp, Bob Taylor, John Proudfoot, Alex McDonald, Joe Turner.
(Source: Liverpool Courier: April 6, 1901)


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