Liverpool v Notts County

April 9, 1901
Liverpool v Notts County.
Several elements contributed to make the meeting of these two teams at Liverpool of paramount interest. The recent performance of the County have put them in the running for the League Championship, while Liverpool also have more than an outside chance. Consequently the present game meant much to both sides. The weather was beautifully fine, though a perfect gale blew, and a large holiday crowd put in an appearance.

The County were without Tom Prescott, but Liverpool were fully represented. Favoured by the wind, Liverpool had much the best of the argument at the outset, John Cox, the outside left, putting in several magnificent shots, which Harry Pennington dealt with superbly. Once Ellis Gee got away nicely, but he was upset by Maurice Parry, and again the home side monopolised play. Pennington, however, kept a wonderful goal, dealing finely with shot after shot. The wind prevented the Anfielders from shooting accurately, but they would have found the goal but for Pennington’s vigilance.

The game continued all in favour of Liverpool, but the Anfielders failed lamentably to take advantage of the opportunities offered, shot after shot being sent high over the bar. From a corner Cox was given a grand chance, but greatly to the disappointment of the crowd he failed, and a moment later Pennington threw away from a lightning shot by Sam Raybould. John Walker next tried his luck with a low shot, but this passed just outside.

All this time the County defence showed exceedingly plucky football, Jock Montgomery being perhaps the best of the backs, while Walter Bull did some particularly fine work in breaking up the rushes of the Liverpool forwards. Shortly before the interval Jack Morris was hurt, and had to be carried off. Despite the wind advantage Liverpool failed to score in the first half, missing every chance.

Half-time: Liverpool, 0; Notts County, 0.

The second half, as might have been expected, was a perfect reversal of the first. The County now monopolised all the play, and though many fine openings were made they failed to get through. William Ross sent in two beautiful shots, but Bill Perkins dealt with both finely. In the later stages of the game the wind dropped somewhat, and Liverpool were enabled to force matters. On two occasions Cox came within an ace of scoring, and once Walker put the ball a foot outside.

The Anfielders, however, persevered, and from a bully on the left Raybould scored. This gave them renewed incentive, and the closing stages were contested amid great excitement. The County got down nicely on several occasions, but the Liverpool defence was thoroughly sound. The remaining stages of the game were all in favour of the home team, who proved deserving winners of a finely-contested game.

Result: Liverpool, 1; Notts County, 0.
(Source: Nottingham Journal: April 9, 1901)

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