Daniel Cunliffe for Portsmouth

Thursday, May 2 – 1901
We are informed that Cunliffe and Turner have been signed on to play for the Portsmouth F.C. during next season.

Dan Cunliffe.
Daniel Cunliffe is a Lancashire lad by birth, and is 24 years of age. When only 13 he joined the Bolton Orlando Club, and early in his career established a reputation as a deadly shot. He played inside right for the Orlando club for four years, at the end of which time he turned “pro,” and signed on for Oldham County – a Lancashire League club – scoring 30 out of the 40 odds goals recorded for the “Roughreds” that season.
His fame spread, and at the end of the season he was induced to forsake the town of smoke for the great Mersey seaport. After remaning with Liverpool one season, he crossed the river to New Brighton, where he partnered Alf Milward, in the Tower team, at inside left. Whilst with Portsmouth he operated at inside right and proved himself quite as successful in his partnership with Marshall as with Milward, his goal record for Pompey up to the end of the season standing at 34. Cunliffe is 5ft. 7in. in height, and turns the scale at 11st 7lbs. He is very fast and tricky, clever with both his feet and head, and a thorough worker. During last season he was with New Brighton, but was not so signally successful there as he was at Portsmouth.

Harry Turner.

(Portsmouth Evening News, 02-05-1901)

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