Bristol Rovers F.C. balance sheet 1900-01

July 3, 1901
The annual report of the Directors of this organisation, which has just been presented to the shareholders, is generally regarded as extremely satisfactory. It attributes the falling off which was exhibited towards the close of the season to the hard work the team had to get through in consequence of the late start made with Western League matches, and to the upsetting of fixtures by the death of the Queen and cup ties.

The balance sheet showed a profit of £9 14s on the season’s working. The chief items of expenditure were: –
Players’ wages and bonuses, £1,842 4s 6d;
Travelling, training, and hotel expenses, £356 12s 9d;
Gate money paid away, £337 10s 1d.

The income was principally made up of gate money and season tickets, £2,796 10s 2d and sundry rents, £338 2s 3d.

Of last season’s team Bob Davies, Henry Griffiths, Jack Jones, Jack Neilson and Bill Robertson have been retained.

The new players inclyde:
Arthur Cartlidge (Stoke), goal; Hugh Dunn (Preston North End) and Bolton (Fishponds), backs; Lyons (Walsall) and Tot Farnall (Watford), half backs; Bobby Muir (Kilmarnock), Peter McIntyre (Paisley Abercorn), Jack Pierce (Preston North End), Tommy Becton (Kettering), and Arthur Hulme (Wellingborough), forwards.
(Dundee Evening Post: July 3, 1901)

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