Season preview 1901-02: Woolwich Arsenal F.C. (Sporting Life)

August 17, 1901
That the approach of the football season is near at hand is evident by the preparation that the Arsenal is making in order to be thoroughly ready for their first League engagement, which will be with Barnsley on September 2, at Plumstead. During the close season that painstaking manager and secretary, Mr. Harry Bradshaw has been exceedingly busy in remedying several defects in the team, and during an interview one of our correspondents had with him a few days ago, he is more than hopeful that the coming season will be a far better one for the club than hitherto.

As will be gleaned by the appended list of names that “good old has-beens,” with only their reputations to recommend them are conspicuous by their absence, the management intending to only engage young blood with good prospects before them; also local talent, which naturally will be favourably received by the ardent followers of the Reds.

Jimmy Ashcroft will again be seen between the goal-posts, also that brilliant young player Clear, who did such splendid work for Bradford last season, will occasionally be seen in the same capacity. Jimmy Jackson and Duncan McNichol (backs), Wright and Archie Cross, as last season, being reserves (half-backs), Gordon Coles (right wing), John Dick (centre), and Jack Anderson on the left, Williams, George Wolfe, and Frank Ransom being the reserves.

Amongst the front rank, Tommy Briercliffe, late of the Blackburn Rovers and Stalybridge, Andrew Swann, of Barnsley, and James Laidlaw, of Newcastle, their respective places being: Briercliffe and Sandy Main right wing, Swann centre, and Laidlaw occasionally, left wing, Walter Place Junior and Abe Foxall, whilst Paddy Logan, who last season played for Reading, will return to his old love as a reserve.

For the reserves the following has been signed on: Crawley (Deptford), Milligan (Excelsior Club), Coulzer, Childs, Coundon, Joe Bradshaw, John Vaughan, and Stephen Theobald.

During next week trial games will take place, and doubtless the Manor Grounds will be hugely patronised.
(Sporting Life: August 17, 1901)


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