Season preview 1901-02: Chester F.C. (Cheshire Observer)

August 24, 1901
Matters in the football world, so far as Chester and the immediate district are concerned, are creating more interest in regard to the coming season than has been the case for several years past.

It cannot be gainsaid that football, in the city particularly, has not been increasing in popularity, and one drawback during the past two seasons has been the fact that there has not been that display of senior football which tends to stimulate greater interest and encourage the younger members of the junior teams to continue playing.

This condition of things has been changed by the re-organisation of the old Chester Football Club. Those who have the matter in hand are anticipating making the club a financial success.

There is a balance remaining in the bank, which is being devoted to the furtherance of the new club.

We have been favoured with several of the names of those who will most probably play for the club during the forthcoming season, and it is pleasing to note that J. Moore, formerly of Chester, who for the last few seasons has been acting as the custodian for Stockport County, will be the goalkeeper for Chester. His height is 5ft. 10 ½in., and he weighs 13 stone.

Coppack, late of Newton Rangers, and B. Eardley, an old goalkeeper for the Chester club, will also officiate, but Moore is fit and well, will act as the principal custodian.

As regards the full backs, Gray John Morris, late of Liverpool Reserves, and an excellent player, standing 5ft. 11in. and weighing 13 stone, is one of the players chosen, and he will be partnered by Tomlin, late of Ellesmere Port, who played some excellent games last season for that club. His height is 5ft. 9in., and he weighs 13 stone. It will thus be seen that the back division will be a powerful one. It will also be assisted by Wakefield, late of the Chester Locos.

The half-backs will be Price, Farrell – an old Chester centre who has been playing for Gravesend – and Dawson, late of Newton Rangers, together with Delaney, Cook, and several other local players.

The forwards are expected to be a smart lot. Forster, late of Liverpool, who is considered one of the most promising juniors in the Liverpool district, will be included, together with Goderich, late of Ellesmere, who is said to be a capital shot and possessing splendid command of the ball.

Wilding, late of Bury, has also signed as a forward, and among the other names for the front rank are G. Griffiths and L. Davies, who have belonged to the Rowton Club, Coppack and D. Prescot, late of the Sealand Road club. Other players have negotiated with the committee for positions in the team.
(Cheshire Observer: August 24, 1901)

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