Season preview 1901-02: Liverpool (Lancashire Evening Post)

August 24, 1901
Liverpool have retained the team that won them the League Championship last season. They could not do better, for the men are still all young, yet experienced; and they will start the tournament with a great advantage over their competitors who have an admixture of “new blood.”

A few new men have, of course, been signed on, from one of whom, perhaps, that centre forward may be found who is required to make the team perfect – there is not, on paper, another weak spot in it.

The new men are: D. McCallum (back), late Queen’s Park; J. Forrester, a local load, who is to be Perkins’ understudy; and G. Fleming (halves), late of Wolves; and forward W. White (Woolwich Arsenal) and G. Bowen (Wolves).

The additions are few in number, but select, Forrester standing six feet in high; McCallum, 1 12st. “Spider,” who has graduated in that high school of football, Queen’s Park; Fleming and Bowen, club mates from Wolverhampton; and White, an inside or outside left, who learnt his business with Woolwich Arsenal and Queens Park Rangers.

The old hands will be relied on at the outset. It only remains to add that a second team will be run; that the ground is in excellent condition; that practice matches have begun, the attendance at which augurs well for public support during the season.

The players are: –
Goalkeepers, Bill Perkins and J. Forrester; backs, Billy Dunlop, John Robertson, John Glover, and Don McCallum; halves, Charlie Wilson, Alex Raisbeck, William Goldie, John T. Hunter, Maurice Parry, and George Fleming; forwards, Tom Robertson, John Cox, John Walker, Sam Raybould, Charles Satterthwaite, John “Sailor” Hunter, Andy McGuigan, William White, George Bowen and John Davies.
(Source: Lancashire Evening Post: August 24, 1901)

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