Season preview 1901-02: Liverpool F.C. (Athletic News)

August 26, 1901
In many respects my remarks concerning the composition of the Everton team are applicable to the Anfield Club. With one exception the team Liverpool will put on the field against Small Heath on September 2nd will be the same that finished up the season so well.

The absentee will be Tom J. Robertson, and the cause is to be regretted. For that little affair in the English Cup-tie at Nottingham in January last he will perforce be idle in September; hence the vacancy.

They have a new man in Don McCallum, of Queen’s Park, who comes with good credentials, but perhaps the choice will fall on a tried man in John Glover. This will be the only change, so that the team will be: –
Bill Perkins, goal; John Glover and Billy Dunlop, backs; Maurice Parry, Alex Raisbeck, and William Goldie, half-backs; Tom Robertson, John Walker, Sam Raybould, Charles Satterthwaite, and John Cox, forwards.

All the men are well-known, and I have only to mention one little event they brought off last season to gain the respect of their opponents, and that is the winning of the championship of the League.

They may have designs on accomplishing what Liverpudlians most desire, and, in that vase, Tottenham must look out, for Tom Watson consider them capable of doing even better than last season.

Some of them are not as young as they were, but too much weight is often placed on this phrase, and for my part I think all the men are capable of doing themselves justice in the forthcoming season. But provision has been made for this contingency, and in all positions the men will have to fight for their place.

Only twenty-two players have been engaged, but they are all good men, and, for the most part, big. Here are the list of the reserves: John Glover and Don McCallum, backs; Charlie Wilson, John T. Hunter, and George Fleming (Wolverhampton Wanderers), half-backs; George Bowen (Wolves), Andy McGuigan, John “Sailor” Hunter, William White (Queen’s Park Rangers), and John Davies, forwards.

With the exception of the names I have given all are well seasoned players, fit to fill any vacancy in the League team, and, it is safe to say, only men of exceptional ability keep them out.

The ground will be found in the same place as formerly, no alteration having taken place in the meantime.
(Source: Athletic News: August 26, 1901)

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