Commemoration medals for League winners

September 7, 1901
The officials, players, shareholders, enthusiasts, &c., of the Liverpool Football Club have been making merry over the winning of the Football League Championship and Liverpool Cup.

The players, trainer, and Mr. Tom Watson were all presented with commemoration medals. During the proceedings Councillor Houlding, chairman of the Executive Committee of the club, said that last season was one of the most satisfactory that the management of any football club could possibly have.
(Sunderland Daily Echo, 07-09-1901)


  1. Do you have a complete list of the Liverpool players who received League Championship medals
    for the season 1900-01? I have been trying to find details for many years.

    1. Hi Ian,

      Not at the moment, sorry. But it is something I want to have for their profile pages. I just need to find out the rules set by the Football League of how many matches one had to play during a season to be credited with the honour. I believe this has changed over the years.


  2. Dear Kjell,
    The Football League did not present League Championship medals until the 1910-11 season
    and before then it was up to the winning Club to foot the bill.
    I do know that `Sailor` Hunter received a medal because it was sold at auction at Christies many
    years ago. So I would assume that Parry, who played eight matches, the same as Hunter, must
    have got one too. I think that is as far the appearances for a medal for that season should go but
    you never can tell. Clubs made some odd decisions in those days and some players who fell out
    with their clubs were denied medals.
    If you find anything more please let me know. The information on the 1905-06 team was great
    and I have been searching for that for twenty years.



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